The Terrifying And Tragic Story Of The Bean Family

Dark Force is the story of one families experience living in a house shared by some very dark forces. For a period of 10 years Bill, his brother and sister, and parents resided in a small three bedroom house in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Likely built in the 1940.s the Bean family purchased it in 1970. From the outside it was a perfectly normal dwelling,  house like any other in the area.

Almost immediately after the family moved in strange things started to occur. It started off with noises late at night, tapping on the walls, the sound of footsteps in the attic, and doors opening and closing on their own. This however was only the beginning of a decade of terror for the family as the incidents grew more and more menacing.

This was no playful ghost out for tricks and pranks, this was some very dark force out for the kill.

Bill Bean’s story is indeed a strange one and it is clear that the decade that the family lived in this house had a profound effect on them. His father started the decade as a caring and loving provider, and ended it as a bitter and anguished alcoholic estranged from the family. Bill’s mother went from a fit young lady full of joy and life, to a tormented soul with physical health problems, and finally death.

Bill’s sister unable to cope with both the entities in the house and the deteriorating family dynamics ran away from home at age 16 to get married. It was her ticket to freedom. Interestingly the Bean’s extended family also suffered strange and unfortunate events in their lives. It is almost as if the entire Bean family was under some curse.

The paranormal is a contentious subject, there are believers and disbelievers, and both sides are adamant in their views on the subject. My view is not relevant, but I will share it anyway, I sit on the fence. I have had no personal dealings with it, but to deny its existence would be akin to saying there is no such thing as winning the lottery, because I have never won! Our understanding of our world grows in leaps and bounds every day, but we have by no means mapped everything there is to map.

Even if you are a detractor I can still recommend Dark Force, it is a fascinating study into family dynamics while under stress. Bill’s father found escape through alcohol, Bill’s sister through marriage. Bill’s mother had opportunities to escape, yet chose not to. I have given this aspect much thought, and  it certainly is a question that I will be asking Bill Bean when I next speak with him.  I see several explanations, she wanted her freedom, and to accept the kindness of others would have made her beholden to them. Or maybe she felt that through dogged determination she could win the battle.

It does not matter how you slice and dice it Dark Force is a very disturbing book. Bill Bean concludes the book with a section about the family members and their status, I found this the most disturbing section of all. His parents Patricia and William both dead, Patricia from her various health issues, William Bean from gun shot wounds in 1987. His siblings Patti and Bobbi are thankfully both alive and leading normal lives and trying to put the past behind them.

Bill Bean amongst this chaotic backdrop, that was his life, also found religion. His teen years were spent in turmoil, yet it was his strong beliefs that saw him through the travails.

You can order your copy of Dark Force from Amazon. Bill Bean also has a web site with additional information.

Simon Barrett

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