“’You’ll have a whole life time to grieve.  But ask yourself this: aren’t you living pretty intensely right now?  I mean, if you take away the fear and the loss and the pain, can you think of any time in your life that has felt like a bigger adventure?’” (Page 152)


Jonathan Grave “Digger” had a plan and the trap was set in the deep jungles of Southern Mexico. The hostages and their kidnappers would arrive, he would hand over the money, and the kidnappers would leave with the money. He and Boxers would escort the kids and their chaperones back home to America only a little worse for wear. Their mega church, The Crystal Palace, would welcome them home having survived Satan’s work on Earth and his company Security Solutions would have another successful outcome. That was the plan until the voice in his ear bud explained that current satellite imagery indicated they had unwelcome company in the form of a squad of five soldiers.


An American general once famously said that a plan never survives contact with the enemy.  That is certainly true here as when the shooting stops, the soldiers are dead, the kidnappers are dead, and only one hostage has survived the carnage on the old school bus. 17 year old Tristan is covered in blood not his own and is in shock. Everybody he knew among the hostages is dead, he is a long way from home, and two very scary guys with guns have him with more enemy forces coming their way. If he thought things were bad before, he had no clue.


This latest thriller from author John Gilstrap is a good and often intense read spanning Mexico and the US. Like most thrillers, the point of view constantly shifts from character to character with the focus on the action. Intense physical action in Mexico as the three literally fight their way north mile after grueling mile to get to the US border. No less intense is the psychological battle here at home to stymy the rest of the team at Security Solutions. Various traitors do their parts to prevent the three from returning and to cover up the vast conspiracy between church and state.


The result is a solidly good thriller novel. The character development in this long running series is saved for Tristan who by the end is a far different person then when he started his adventure heading to Mexico. Forced to grow up at gun point, he becomes a man during the days as he runs for his life. That process also allows “Scorpion” to show a side of himself that he rarely shows. Those who enjoy the Mack Bolan series style of thrillers will especially enjoy Damage Control: A Jonathan Grave Thriller” by John Gilstrap.


Damage Control: A Jonathan Grave Thriller

John Gilstrap


Pinnacle Books (Kensington Publishing Corp)


June 2012

ISBN# 978-0-7860-2493-3


400 Pages




ARC supplied by PJ NUNN of BreakThrough Promotions for my objective review.



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