Recently released by Quake, a division of Echelon Press, this short e-book features two stories of police work aimed at the middle school reader. In both cases, humor is present in large amounts, dialogue is minimal, and the details of officers on patrol are many, bringing the reader a long for the ride. Both stories are good ones.


In “Out on a Beam” Officer Kim Brunetti confronts her greatest fear. It isn’t like she can call 911 or admit how scared she is to her fellow police officers.  No matter what happens, and a lot does happen to her, she has to persevere and push through it.


Officer Lance “Quick Draw” Yandell and another officer are sent on a possible burglary call at a local shoe store. While Officer Yandell has pulled his weapon many times, so far he has never had to actually fire it at a suspect. He has made it through ten years on the force that way and hopes to keep it that way on this night.


Written by Suzanne Rorhus and retired Police Officer Bill Howe, the short stories are based on true life incidents. As such, the two stories in this short (approximately 6150 words) e-book give young readers a different side of police work from the high speed chases and shootouts as portrayed in various forms of media. These two strong well written stories remind kids not only to laugh at themselves but to keep going no matter your fears as you can do far more than you think you can.



CUFFED: Stop, I’ll Shoot and Out on a Beam

Bill Howe and Suzanne Rorhus

Quake (Echelon Press)

January 15, 2012





Material supplied by author Suzanne Rorhus in exchange for my objective review.



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