Move over Indiana Jones, here comes Amelia Peabody, amateur detective and adventurer!  This is the first book in a series of eighteen books.  “Crocodile on the Sandbank,” is a story that will capture your imagination as it magically transports you to exotic places like Rome and Egypt.

 Amelia, a spinster and a feminist with a take charge attitude, was born and raised in England during the Victorian era.  Armed with her usual self-confidence and a sturdy umbrella, which is sometimes used as a means of persuasion, Amelia often defies convention.

As the only daughter with five older brothers, she was left to care for her aging father.  Her father, a devoted scholar, lived in a world of his own and left the affairs of the household to Amelia.  When her father dies, she discovers that he has left her a sizable inheritance, and she decides to do some traveling.

 While in Rome, Amelia meets Evelyn Barton-Forbes, who has been disowned by her grandfather and abandoned by her Italian lover, who left her when he found out that she was penniless.  Amelia hires her to become her companion, takes her to Cairo, Egypt and the fun begins.

In Cairo, Amelia has a run in with Professor Radcliffe Emerson, a.k.a Emerson.  The Emerson brothers, Radcliffe and Walter, are archeologists traveling to Amarna to work.  Emerson resents Amelia’s provoking manner and Walter is smitten with Evelyn.  Matters are complicated when Evelyns former lover follows her to Cairo and tries to win her back.

Amelia decides to rent a boat and tour various archeology sites.  Thinking that she would never see Walter again, Evelyn is surprised when Amelia announces that they will visit Amarna.  This decision plunges them into strange and unexplainable happenings that leave everyone on edge. 

What makes this story more interesting, is the chemistry between Emerson and Amelia.  His explosive temper and her unyielding manner, bring an added spark to this story.  He resents her constant interference, and she can barely tolerate his insolent attitude. It’s a battle of the wills at its best.

Those who love to read a good mystery-adventure with some romance thrown in will enjoy this book.  The story holds your attention as you follow Amelia through her mishaps and adventures.

The downside is that Amelia, at times, uses words that only those who have a wide vocabulary would understand.  In other words, have a dictionary available.

Crocodile On The Sandbank is  available at amazon. 

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