3rd-coomacka-island-book.jpgLenox Lizard and the Kukumacka Duppy *book three
written by Don P Hooper
illustrated by Darnel Degand
Children’s Book * ages 4-8

The wildly popular, children’s Coomacka Island series returns with the third installment, entitled Lenox Lizard and the Kukumacka Duppy. Building on the success of the previous books, the creative team of Don Hooper and Darnel Degand continue to craft culturally diverse tales that are truly a pleasure to read.

The story opens with Lenox, the confident captain of the Fighting Peenywallies making his way to the stadium for some much needed extra practice. Enroute, he runs into his friends, Jamila and Amani on their way to Macka Street to buy some mangos. Even though Lenox loves mangos, he continues on to the stadium, determined to lead his team to their first victory in over a hundred years. Arriving at the stadium, Lenox is shocked to see the Peenywallies arch rivals, The Stoney Hill Scorpions on the field. Sulubu, the Scorpions leader, tries to intimidate and then to frighten the smaller lizard, by telling him the legend of the Kukumacka Duppy. Lenox has to make a choice, give into his fear and let his team down or confront his fears and do his best to lead the team to victory.

Combine Afro-Caribbean folklore, Haitian Creole and Swahili, blend it to lyrical perfection, then add the special island flavor that is uniquely Coomacka and the result is an educationally sound, morally uplifting, down right fun children’s book that is a delightful read. Filled with emotion and eye-catching color, the detailed illustrations are visually stimulating and wholly engrossing. With each new installment the stories grow in depth, length and dimension leaving children and parents alike anxiously anticipating the next island adventure.

Don Hooper and Darnel Degand have delivered a fun book, that from the first page, the reader is transported to the heart of the Caribbean. Introducing names with various origins, offers children an opportunity to expand their vocabulary, embrace cultural diversity and spark their interest in the larger world. Although Coomacka Island is an uncharted, fictional place, the morals and values found here have universal appeal. With the fun facts, definitions and questions included at the end, these little books are packed with powerful lessons.

I highly recommend the Coomacka Series to anyone that has young children. Share the magic of this fictional island with your youngsters!
For the latest information, updates from the author and extra cool stuff for the kids, visit the Coomacka Island Website.

  • The Story of Spider and Ant (book one) 
  • Anansi Jr and The Mango Truck (book two)
  • Lenox Lizard and The Kukumacka Duppy (book three)

The three adventures in this delightful series are available for purchase from all your favorite booksellers. (From Amazon) 

Reviewed by RJ McGill, 3Rs Reading Den

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