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Children of military families understand that there may come a time when their mom or dad will deploy.  Deployments, after all, are a normal part of their way of life.  This knowledge, however, does not make life easier.  Children can find these absences difficult to understand and even more difficult to talk about.  In her new book, Coming Home Series: Navy Dad, Sandi Lorenzana brings a very timely and serious subject compassionately to life through the eyes of a 7-year-old girl named Jasmine.  

This is a wonderful children’s book and military children will definitely be able to connect to Jasmine, a delightfully believable 7 year old who expresses a full-range of emotions and a child’s understanding of the circumstances.  Jasmine helps us to feel the heartache and sorrow of absence and the joy and celebration of return; but more importantly, she teaches us the pride and sense of importance that serving in the military brings to these families, despite the all too frequent deployments.  The upbeat and positive manner in which the story is written, coupled with the playful, color illustrations (Laurie Barrows) ensures that children will enjoy the story, while being able to connect with its serious topic.  

When I received my reviewer’s copy, Sandi had inscribed in the front, “Military children also serve.”  How right she is.  The 2005 National Military Family Association demographics report records that, “over half of the 1,177,190 children of Active Duty members are [under] seven years of age… .”  (National Military Family Association 2005 demographics report, p. 49, retrieved from  These figures reflect a unique American sub-culture that sometimes falls through the cracks of mainstream America.  This book reminds us that these children do exist and while they and their families face difficult circumstances, they do so with strength and unwavering commitment.  Sometimes, however, they need a little help and understanding from the rest of us.    

Sandi beautifully presents us with the reality of the heartache, bravery, and courage of our youngest citizens.  This book is a great resource for anyone who is charged with the care and nurturing of military children.  It contains invaluable tips to help military families cope with long absences, it opens the door for children in such circumstances to express their feelings, and it helps build understanding and compassion for our country’s unrecognized heroes–our military children. 

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