City Of Saviors is the fourth book in the Detective Elouise Norton Series by Rachel Howzell Hall and has the hoarder problem as a key part of the case. As such there are graphic descriptions of the house where a hoarder has died. If, like me, you quickly flip the channel when the ad for a show on the topic comes on the television as it makes you sick, this is a read that you may want to skip a few pages here or there. You can do that and not lose the story. While you can skip the graphic and frequently gross descriptions of the house in this one, you should be aware that this is also the fourth book in a series that builds substantially on the earlier books in the series and therefore should be read in order.

It is September 1st as the novel begins and Detective Norton is back on the job after the violent events at the conclusion of Trail of Echoes. She hurts and has numerous issues going on, but is faking things fairly well so those in charge have no actionable reason to put her back out on medical leave. The heat is on in Los Angeles in a big way and the dead man in the house at 8711 Victoria is awaiting them in all his glory. She knows the scene is bad when firefighters are being sick out in the trash strewn yard and her fellow officers are standing outside as far away from the house as possible.


Eugene Washington lived alone in the house and was found deceased by Bernice Parrish who claims to be his girlfriend. Beyond the fact that she is far younger than the deceased, the fact that EMTs found a gun near the body is a concern. While the body is in slightly worse shape than the house so the detectives and others can’t see signs of a gunshot, at least they got there before the cats that are everywhere started working on him.


A former Vietnam vet who just turned 73, Mr. Washington deserved far more than to be living his last days this way. Detective Norton has nothing more than her currently very shaky gut feeling that it is a murder, but that is enough for her to treat the case as a murder case. A feeling that is reinforced by the behavior of one Bernice Parrish as well as numerous others in the police procedural, City Of Saviors: A Detective Elouise Norton Novel.


Very graphic at times in terms of the hoarding problem, overall City Of Saviors is a good read though a tough one in spots. Story arcs from the first book in the series have made their way through the preceding ones and continue here. Those various situations have a tendency to dominate the current case at times resulting in a book that is not quite at the same enjoyment level of the proceeding book. Thrown in the subject of hoarding and the very graphic living conditions and it would be a mistake to read much of this book anywhere in proximity to food or meal planning.


Good, but not great, City Of Saviors: A Detective Elouise Norton Novel seems to tie up various loose ends to a certain extent while also serving as springboard for the next one. It will be interesting to see how author Rachel Howzell Hall will solve the cliffhanger problem she left readers with here how she will send Detective Norton forward.



City Of Saviors: A Detective Elouise Norton Novel

Rachel Howzell Hall

Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

August 2017

ISBN# 978-0-7653-8119-4

Hardback (also available in paperback and digital formats)

302 Pages




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