I have to confess that I was not quite sure what I was going to make of Choices. My worry continued when I read the back cover which starts with the line:

A modern day tale inspired by events from the Bible. A husband and wife united by love, separated by secrets.

My initial thoughts were ‘Oh no, I am going to get a good preachifying’! That was not the case at all, Choices is a very well constructed novel, and done with panache.

We enter the world of a married couple Trey and Andrea Edwards. Trey is one of those people that has the magic touch in business, and a man that is always looking for the next challenge. His career started in the world of insurance, one that he was very confident in. He was set for life, a decent income, a lovely wife, two children, indeed he was living the American dream.

His decision to throw away the stability of this career, shocked and horrified his wife. Her husband was going to move into the world of being a car salesman! Actually I have great sympathy for Andrea, my wife would not just be annoyed with me, she likely would take me out back and shoot me!

Trey though reasons that he can never be truly successful working for someone else, selling high end cars on commission gives him the freedom to be in charge of his own destiny.

He is correct, the family do well, Trey is bringing in a 6 figure income, and Andrea is adding another $50,000. But under the veneer of the Edwards trouble is brewing. Trey’s ambition is to own his own dealership, and has dipped into the family’s retirement fund to place a non refundable deposit on a deal. Should the bank refuse to fund the load Trey faces to lose $100,000. Of course Andrea is unaware of this situation.

Also haunting the couple is temptation. Andrea has her eye on the new pastor of her church, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Meanwhile Trey encounters an enchantress who seems bound and determined to get whatever she desires.

Choices is indeed about choices. Will Trey and Andrea make the right choices?

W. Granville Brown has used a very interesting technique in Choices. Periodically  he pauses the story line and switches to a brief conversation between Good and Evil. This adds a fascinating dimension to the book.

Choices is billed as a Religious book, and indeed there is a religious component, but it is also a fabulous look at human nature.

You can order your copy of Choices by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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