After his adventure in the Isle of Mists Charles knew that the Dreadmen might be a serious problem. He decided that he had to find their homeland which is known as “The Fjord of Karlsgaard.” While Charles had no idea where the place would be thanks to Hero, his purple dragon, he has found it. He has also found at least some of the Dreadmen who are attempting to learn how to fly from the tall cliff walls above the fjord.

It looks like these are some of the warriors from the nearby village. Despite the heights involved and the certainty of death should something go wrong, Charles and Hero watch as one after another takes the leap and relies on some sort of wing contraption that is harnessed to their bodies. When it works they can achieve a flight reminiscent of birds as the soar down the fjord and then circle back to land on the beach far below. Despite the actions of Dreadmen they have encountered in the past when one begins to plummet towards a definite horrible death, Charles and Hero manage to save him seconds before impact.

Their rescue action leads to a far more dangerous situation all the while the intentions of the Dreadmen became increasingly clear in Charles and Hero: The Dreadmen.

The latest in the series that began with Charles and Hero: Charles of Colshire Castle-The Purple Dragon is another very good tale. Charles is a wonderful role model for the children readers the book is aimed for as he always sees the best in others. Even when pushed by negative forces or less than trustworthy characters, Charles manages a way to not only do the right thing, but show compassion to his adversary. Then there is Hero, the purple dragon. His thinking may be a little bit more black and white as to how he sees things, but a flying dragon is just flat out cool.

The result is another great book from talented author Douglas Quinn. No matter the series, and he has several for different age groups, the book is always a positive read full of fun and adventure. Such is the case with Charles and Hero: The Dreadmen as well as the many other books author Douglas Quinn has out there for kids and the adults in their lives.

Charles and Hero: The Dreadmen
Douglas Quinn
AAS White Heron Press (Via CreateSpace)
ISBN #978-1502978325
November 2014
128 Pages
Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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