It began in Charles of Colshire Castle and continues after a brief recap in the Isle of Mists. Charles and his purple dragon, Hero, don’t feel they can yet return home. It has been two months and they have been on their own flying along the coast and exploring. Hero has developed a taste for fish and that has led them to a group of small buildings nestled against the mountains along the coast.


The place is very colorful and appears to be very tranquil place. Charles hasn’t seen colors like this since he was at Colshire Castle. He also notices that to sea, off in the distance, there is a layer of clouds that don’t rise very high into the air or seem to be moving. The people are moving though and like others before them are terrified as the dragon and its young rider approach and land on the pebble covered beach.


Charles and Hero don’t know it yet, but they have arrived at Howth Head. And while the residents don’t trust the strangers, especially a dragon, who have arrived that is just one of their problems. There is something out in mist that is preventing them from going about their normal activities. Some of the fishermen are missing and they need help. Somebody who can ride a dragon ought there to be able to help them.


This is a fun fantasy tale that subtly works in themes of understanding and accepting the differences of others. Filled with adventure and possibility, Charles is a character living the dream of nearly every kid. Who didn’t think it would be so cool to have a flying dragon as a friend growing up? Author Douglas Quinn taps into that magic and spins a tale of adventure where it is not only okay but perfectly normal to be a bit scared at times. The story is a blast and sure to delight young readers.


Charles and Hero: Isle of Mists

Douglas Quinn

AAS White Heron Press (Via CreateSpace)

ISBN #978-1493542888

November 2013


122 Pages




Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.




Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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