At first I thought that I may be a little late in this review, the title after all does talk Christmas. But after much thought, I am sure that this book is as much fun at any time of the year. Rocco Martino has produced quite the opus with Cancel Christmas!

Written with some dark humor Cancel Christmas takes the reader into the environs of corporate America and the need for greed. Our enemy is Timber Bleakheart, the owner of the aptly named company Bleakheart, a family company that through the generations has become a major influence in many industries. Timber is a man driven by a passion, women and fast cars do nothing for him. His lust lays in the acquisition of money. With each passing year he watches the ‘Richest Man In The World’ list, he has made it to position 43, but can he do better?

Timber is concerned at the effect that ‘paid’ holidays have on his business, by his estimations Christmas alone might cost $50 million in lost production in his facilities alone. His mission is to prevent waste, and paying wages to an employee that is not at work is consuming the man. His solution is to try and renegotiate the floating holidays. The prime one being Christmas. As Timber so correctly observes, there is nothing to say that Jesus was actually born on this date. A better solution would be to just select another date, lets say the third Saturday in December. This simple change would do wonders for the economy, retailers would benefit, most years they would have a few extra days of sales. Businesses would benefit, there would be no disruption in the work week. Most of all, the man in the street would benefit, no longer would Christmas be a one day holiday, now America would be in line with Europe, everyone would get two days off, Christmas Day and Boxing Day! In Timber’s eyes, Saturday and Sunday each year.

Having a senator in his back pocket, the rather sleazy Roger Bigguns Christian is a plus. Senator Christian can be relied on to trumpet whatever he is told to, as long as he can keep his coveted seat.

I have to say that I enjoyed this wild romp into the improbable, Rocco Martino has created a fabulous cast of mostly misfit characters.

Oh there are heroes, Sam Flint the lawyer and Cindy Powers the much trodden on personal assistant, but for the most part, all of the characters are BAD.

It could be argued that Cancel Christmas! is merely an updated version of A Christmas Carol, I can certainly see the comparison. However I think that it is a mistake to look at this book in that fashion. It is a biting, satirical view of our life today. There are way too many Timber Bleakheart’s in our society today.

You can order your copy of this rather stylish story by clicking on the cover art above.

Simon Barrett

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