The seventh in the series finds Bill Travis once again trying to help a client who has also become a friend. A familiar pattern in these novels and one that played out in the first book The Last Call. That resulted, among other things, in a marriage to Julie, and a number of children. Neither will happen with Travis trying to help Holt Gatlin.


When Holt Gatlin went off the roof of the defunct theater in Karnack, Texas he hit the ground hard.  Everyone knows he was lucky to not break his neck. What hardly anyone besides Bill Travis knows is that Holt is not only lucky he is also two million dollars richer thanks to a recent stock split and some fast stock trades orchestrated by Travis. It helps to have a man handling your bank accounts who knows what he is doing. Travis needs to update Holt and finally tracks him down to a hospital in Marshall where he learns the elderly man has a broken arm, broken wrist, and three cracked ribs, and a severely broken leg.


Holt is busted up pretty good and for good reason. That doesn’t explain the strange comments from Holt about something happening out at Caddo Lake fifty years ago. Something bad happened out there one night in 1960 and clearly it has haunted Holt ever since. Before Travis can find out what happened, Holt starts crying and ends the call by hanging up.


Before long Bill and his college bound daughter Jessica are headed towards Holt’s hospital room in Marshall to find some answers. As Christmas approaches, answers will be hard to come by in a case that moves along the shores and deep into Caddo Lake. It isn’t just the weather causing things to be cold and deadly.


Caddo Cold  is the latest in a series that is part mystery, part thriller, and all adventure. Like in Slow Falling there is a definite pulp angle to the tale and a clear appreciation of them by author George Weir. As a result this is a book that is filled with missing bodies, secret scientific research, and secret military experiments. That along with a complicated mystery makes this another very good one in the series. While it certainly could be read as a stand alone, it is much better to read these books in series order starting with The Last Call.


Caddo Cold: A Bill Travis Mystery

George Wier

Flagstone Books

April 2012


(Estimated print length 167 pages)




Material provided by the author in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2012

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