Two years after a night out with his family became a tragedy that still haunts him, Clint Wolf has moved to the small Louisiana of Mechant Loup. He is the new Chief of Police and is lucky to survive his first day on the job and a close encounter with an alligator.but not forgotten

Someone else was not so lucky as soon an alligator is found with an arm in its mouth. The search for the owner of the arm eventually results in the recovery of a body that has been shot in the head. A murder in their midst is just the surface of the swamp in the latest mystery from Louisiana author B. J. Bourg titled But Not Forgotten.

Rich in setting and characters this mystery read powers along from start to finish. Author B. J. Bourg stirs in elements of a romance, mixed martial arts, and plenty of local politics and law enforcement details to make But Not Forgotten a must read. Like his novel James 516 released last year, the world of law enforcement plays a strong role in the read while making those involved very much human and not the sterile, non-feeling types often portrayed in the media.

But Not Forgotten touches familiar themes of the author’s work such as honesty, doing the job correctly under difficult conditions, and integrity while also providing a deep backstory and plenty of current mystery. Multiple things are at work in the read and steadily builds to a very strong climax in a mystery that hopefully is the start of a series.

But Not Forgotten: A Novel
BJ Bourg
Amber Quill Press
December 2015
ISBN 1681759713
Print (E-Book available)
256 Pages
E-book supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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