The folks behind Brain Quest have a great product on their hands no matter what grade level you need. Working off of the slogan and philosophy “its fun to be smart” these workbooks are designed to supplement what is going on in the classroom. The key being fun with lots of color and bright designs along with illustrations showcasing happy children.


The grade 1 work book is designed for ages 6 to 7 and is broken into sections. The first half of the book is devoted to short chapter type items such as Phonics, Spelling and related concepts. The back half beginning on page 161 leads off with Sequencing and Sorting and other Math skills. Short chapter sections on Social Studies and Science cover the last 86 pages before leading to the answer key and the extras which are various stickers and a fold out poster.


Color coded for ease of use the book is designed well and has tips for parents regarding various concepts. The exercises are clear and done well with a minimum of distractions as well as being bright and cheerful. The exercises are also very short and designed to grab the child’s attention. Pages are perforated so that they can be copied easily. This could be a major plus, depending on the child, because there aren’t pages in the book designed for repetitive drilling of concepts.


It is also worth noting that depending on what level your public school is on, this book may not be at the correct grade level. Based on my direct classroom experience as a parent as well as an educator, in this area the book is a bit lower than what is actually expected here in first grade. If the same is true where you are or you are home schooling, you may wish to examine several different grade levels in this series to find the one that most accurately reflects the needs of your child.


Overall well designed, despite those caveats, this is a good book and a good resource. Sure to entice any child, this is the kind of book that parents will feel comfortable using and knowing that their child will enjoy.


BrainQuest Grade 1 Workbook

Lisa Trumbauer

Workman Publishing Company


ISBN #978-0-7611-4914-9

Paperback Workbook



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Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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