This is a must read book. From page one the reader is taken on a wild ride. At the center of the action are two best friends Tommy Sands and Lenny Burns, a pair of London Eastenders that stole together, did jail time together and now live together in a grand rural manor house.

The pair keep to themselves, and maybe that is part of the problem. With little external contact they are driving each other crazy. Lenny has taken to the bottle and Tommy is concerned after 5 years of living high off their ill gotten gains, funds are getting low.

Although they had agreed that their life of crime was behind them and they were determined to spend not a single night back in jail they did need to find some money. Tommy also thinks that after 5 years of isolation it is time for some female company to brighten up the house and their moods. It would be way too much work to find real girlfriends so they opt to rent two escorts for a few days.

Thus begins a great adventure. Lenny sober and with female company realizes the financial plight they are in, the solution is one last and big job. I don’t want to spoil the plot but there is some sex, some Gypsies, some booze and a whole lot of good times.

Every book needs a ‘hook’, the hook to me in this book is the title, who or what is a Bobbyjac? Well the book does explain it and I laughed when I found out. As it is indeed part of the plot I will let the reader discover it for themselves.

I will make some general observations. Author A.E. Snelling-Munro is a gifted writer, as I understand it, Bobbyjac was written a number of years ago but was only recently published. I find that interesting as the book has a very modern feel about it. The characters are well crafted, I lived in London for a number of years in the 70’s and I am sure I met Lenny and Tommy in a pub there.

If I had one gripe about Bobbyjac it is that like many books it come to an end all too soon and leaves the reader wanting more. I would love to see the author treat us to a part 2. There is no shortage of material for a follow up book, tie up the loose ends and launch into a new adventure. Tommy and Lenny are in their mid 40’s so there is lots of life left in them for adventures. Likewise their female companions, Toni and Karen, there is a lot that could be done with them.

I don’t give books stars, but if I did it would be 5 stars. I grew up in England and over the years I have noticed that not all English authors translate well to the US market, George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying “Britain and America Are Two Nations Divided by a Common Language”. I think Bobbyjac crosses the ‘pond’ well, there are almost no passages that the US reader will have trouble with. Well maybe there is one….

“Nice motor Tommy, nice,” said Frank looking around the interior, “Lenny’s been telling me about your apples and pears and your bits of fluff,” said Frank turning round to wink at Lenny in the back seat.

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