Review by Dino R. Federico

Witches, magick, and blood; all accompanied by the suspense and mystery expected from such things are found in A. W. Gryphon’s Blood Moon. This is a fantastic story that provides the reader a roller coaster ride through the life of “The One”. The intrigue is set in modern times and begins in San Francisco but quickly camps in London. The gist of the story is about one Amelia Pivens, daughter of a powerful witch. Amelia loses her mother at an early age, and has to learn about her own destiny through tragedies and interactions with powerful forces beyond her control. Amelia has some help and guidance along the way, but in the end has to decide for herself who is really on her side.

The story has a fast paced motion that will keep the readers interest, and a wonderfully crafted ending leaving the reader wanting more.

I appreciated the prologue which covered the historical fate of witches and wiccans. Throughout the book, and woven into the fabric of the story, there is plenty of explanation about witches, wiccans, magic, and rituals. Terms familiar to the Craft are detailed, such as Samhein, the festival of the blood moon. Ironically or not, most of the blood that flows in this story is in the light of the moon.

My favorite line in the dialogue comes towards the end,
“The only difference between good and evil, and right and wrong, is perception.”
I highly recommend this book which is due out the beginning of April 2008.

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