A very common mantra shared by teachers about the art of writing is that authors should stick to what they know. Corey Fayman has done just that, Music, Technology, and San Diego, what a great combination for a book! Of course I do not what to infer that Corey knows anything about murder and mayhem, which is the story line in Blacks Beach Shuffle, merely that the background is well done. San Diego is a city that basks in the Mediterranean lifestyle, it is slow paced and laid back, the Mexican word ‘manana’, which loosely translates to ‘tomorrow’ sums it up perfectly.

Our hero is Rolly Waters, a musician by night, a private eye by day, and a recovering alcoholic 24/7. He does not want much out of life, just the ability to play his guitar, and to eke out an existence chasing down runaway kids for doting parents.

This is a great read; it runs faster than a Ferrari on the autobahn. From page one we are propelled into the world of big money, big egos, big vaporware, and a cast of characters that would likely fail a Polygraph test is they were asked the simple question “are you a nice person?”

Rolly plays a gig with his band for a company party; the company is an internet startup that ‘has the next big thing’. Unfortunately Rolly leaves the gig without his guitar, realizing his mistake he returns to get the Gibson ES-335, according to Rolly this guitar is worth $4,000 which is approximately twice the worth of his aging Volvo station wagon. Receiving no answer when he rings the doorbell, he decides that a more direct approach should be made, and he climbs the fence into the property.

His guitar is not hard to find, unfortunately he makes another discovery, someone is taking a late dip in the pool, and they are not terribly active! In fact they are distinctly inactive, they are most obviously dead. Rolly is a great musician, but maybe a little lacking in social skills arena, and decides that it is better to let someone else make the discovery and exits the same way he entered. He does feel guilt though, and makes an anonymous 911 call reporting that there is a body lying in the swimming pool.

Rolly is not by nature a particularly inquisitive person, but events start to occur that draw him unwillingly into the exploding story.  Eyebitz.com, the high tech company that had asked Rolly to play at their company party now want Rolly to help them in the capacity of Private Investigator, not to figure out what happened at the party, but to assist them in locating a small device that has some very important data on it.

Corey Fayman has created a wonderful scenario in Blacks Beach Shuffle, and one that is all too true in the Dot Com world. Money is never the issue, just come up with an idea, and the Dot Com bankers will come running. Transitioning the idea to saleable product is an entirely different problem, and one that has caused many Dot Com’s to fail. This book is a fun and exciting read, put it on your list! 

Blacks Beach Suffle is available through Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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