Empire Of The Gods – Book 1 The God Conspiracy

I like authors with ambition, and Jeffrey Friedberg definitely has plenty of ambition. At 410 pages in length Black Road 2012 is a serious project for a first time author, but when you realize that this is just the first of four books that he has planned in this series you begin to see just how much drive this author has.

There has been much interest of late in the ancient Mayan calendar that predicts a major upheaval in the world on December 21 2012, and it is this date that Jeffrey Friedberg uses as a backdrop to the novel. Billed as a paranormal thriller it is a wild ride.

Our main protagonist is ex private eye Jack Vane. No longer in the prime of health he has walked away from the excitement and danger of his previous profession to look after his much younger pregnant wife Diana.

A mysterious invitation to a meeting with his lawyer Nick D’Agostino changes Jack’s life permanently. Nick has some clients, and the clients want Jack to take on one last case, something that he had vowed he would not do. It is a simple enough request, just track down a person, someone who Jack already knows and likely would have little trouble locating. But the reasons for wanting to find him are troubling to say the least. Convinced that even though the rewards are great, and he could certainly use the money he is noncommittal and returns home. This is where he discovers Armageddon, his wife and the twins she was carrying have been brutally murdered. Worse still Jack finds himself as the prime suspect!

Jack soon starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the mysterious clients and the death of his wife are connected in some way. The more he digs the darker and more sinister the story becomes. At the heart of it is a missing Sumerian artifact that may be the key to the riddle of the Mayan calendar. He also discovers that there three groups actively seeking control of this artifact that may contain ancient science long lost over the centuries. Jack also realizes that he himself is inextricably entwined in an ancient legend.

To share more of the plot would be a disservice to the would be reader. I will say this though, we are treated to some fabulous plots and subplots that include exploring some ancient Native American folk lore, to the existence of a shadow government, and other thought provoking areas.

It is cliche to say things like ‘page turner’ and ‘I could not put this book down’, however it is in fact true. Even though it is over 400 pages, I did in fact read it cover to cover in a single sitting.

The quality of the writing is exceptional, the character development is masterful, and the subject matter thought provoking. I suspect that we are going to be hearing a lot about Jeffrey Friedberg in the years to come. I can not wait to read book two. I do hope to be interviewing Jeffrey in the next few days, and you can be certain that book two will be a question that I ask him about.

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Simon Barrett

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