The Music And Talent Of Paul McCartney

I reviewed this book in very early January of this year (read it here) and greatly enjoyed it, while I am by no means a rabid  Beatles fan I do enjoy a good heated discussion on the band. The question of who the better musician was, John Lennon or Paul McCartney has resulted in many a bar-room brawl over the years.

In fact after reading Better Than Lennon I decided to invite John Cherry to a radio round table on the subject. John along with Billy James, who is the owner of Glassonyon PR, and the author of 6 music related books, and Randy Pratt who is a musician, record label owner and music historian all joined me for a 90 minute drag out fight on the subject. To add an even greater depth to our illustrious panel I invited Trace Haqcard. Trace is a music fan and cynic. Is rock dead? is his favorite question.

A good time was had by all! It was probably fortuitous that the five of us were not in the same room, as the discussion did get somewhat heated. If you missed the program you can catch a rerun here.

John Cherry has decided to reissue Better Than Lennon primarily to add an additional chapter on the saga, Paul McCartney’s recent achievements. McCartney is now 67 years old, yet he continues to woo crowds with his vibrant stage performances. He has also reconnected with the other remaining Beatle ,Ringo Starr. In fact he appeared on Ringo’s last CD Y Not, and it is said that Ringo will be part of a future CD by Paul.

The music world has changed a great deal over the past 40 years. There are few bands that can fill a 60,000 seat stadium, yet Paul McCartney continues to do so.

If you have not read Better Than Lennon I suggest that you do, it is an interesting analysis. You may not agree with John Cherry, but he does provide some great food for thought.

In fact it might well be time to reassemble the protagonists from the first radio show for a rematch! I may well throw in some additional panel members just to mix it up some more!

You can order your copy of Better Than Lennon by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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