I have lost count of how many books I have read. A book in my mind needs to have a ‘hook’, it needs to be delivered early, the ‘hook’ is the reason to read the book. Would the same be true of a review? Could a review have a ‘hook’?

I enjoyed Betrayal Of Faith a great deal, and in defiance of the norm, I want to quote the final paragraph:

While this book and its characters are creations of fiction and the Coalition is a fabrication of the author’s wild imagination, the problem of clergy-parishioner child abuse is a tragic and still ongoing problem.

So let us explore Betrayal Of Faith a little.

Jennifer Tracey is mom to two happy and rambunctious boys, Jake and Kenny. She is a single mom having lost her husband a while back.

The boys need a ‘father figure’ and find him in the church, Father Bill was young, good looking and the boys adored him. Unfortunately Father Bill is asked to take up a new and important assignment. And so, Father Gerry Bartholomew enters the picture.

A couple of months pass and Father Gerry being well liked by children and parents alike, sets up a weekend camping trip for the boys in the congregation. Jake and Kenny return from the trip as very different boys. Their fire for life has gone!

Yes this book is about a subject that people tend to run away from. The church and boys!

I rather like Mark Bello’s approach, at no point does he waiver from calling it ‘The Church’ rather than defining which brand of church it might be. I don’t think readers will have much trouble assigning a brand!

Betrayal Of Faith is a complex and rewarding read. It explores some areas that other authors have not. Just how far would the Church go to prevent damage?

I have to admit that I Betrayal Of Faith was a cracking read. Mark has brought to life some wonderful characters, they are so well developed my jaw dropped! You walk away with the sense that you have known these people for years. Zachary Blake, an attorney down on his luck and reduced to being an ‘ambulance chaser’, Micah Love, the cool and resilient PI, Jennifer Tracy, the mother seeking justice for her sons. The list goes on and on.

I will offer no spoilers to the story as I feel that would be a disservice to the reader, however I will make some observations. Mark M. Bello is a well known attorney, his area of expertise is  with non-profit organizations, Betrayal Of Faith is so well written I have to wonder if at some point in his career he has encountered this sort of behavior.

In my opinion the best books are the ones that leave the readers with questions. What happened next? I for one want to know the answer!

Betrayal Of Faith is one of those reads where you are admitted into the inner sanctum early, but it is not until much later that you understand why.

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