It is June 1961 as this sixth book in the series opens. Kristin Van Dijk, known to one and all as “Baby Shark,” has always pushed things to the edge. While never fully expressed, no matter the situation, she carries herself with an attitude that she does not care whether she lives or dies. Working with Fort Worth Private Investigator Otis Millett has not polished her rough edges though he and others have tried. Working for him has increased her skill set while also making violent situations ultimately involving the police a little smoother than they would have been otherwise. But, that may be about to change as this latest incident involving Baby Shark might be too much for all involved to ignore. Going solo has consequences.


While the gates of hell just received two more very worthy inductees, in the land of the living Baby Shark has a problem.  Five years of working with Otis is not going to make this go away. Even with her background there are limits and she has really done it this time. Otis isn’t the only one who thinks she needs a vacation to clear her head and get her mind straight. He is the only one around who could enforce her taking a break and he definitely wants her out of town for a bit.


Baby Shark hits the road intending to see some old friends and get back to what she used to do to make money–play pool. Her moniker is legendary and those who don’t know of her in smoky pool rooms and dives across the state of Texas are about to get a crash course in reality. The only problem with her plan is that she might find more trouble out on the road than if she had stayed home and worked cases.


The series that started with the powerful debut novel Baby Shark (reviewed here) just keeps getting better and better. Plenty of action, complicated characters, and powerful imagery fuel this high octane series in reads that don’t stop until the final words.  Baby Shark’s Grass Widow Legacy is another very good read in an excellent series featuring a character forged in fire and blood determined to dispense justice as she sees fit. In her world some folks need help and a lot of folks need killing and she intends to do both while running the table.


Baby Shark’s Grass Widow Legacy

Robert Fate


October 2013


266 Pages



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Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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