It is hard to live up to the promise of the first book in a series. Not only is the concept of the first book something new and different, the first book arrives with little expectations despite media hype. That first book sets the bar and as such, it becomes hard for the next book in the series to hit that target. This one makes a valiant attempt and just missed the mark as far as I was concerned.

Read it and see if you agree.

Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues

By Robert Fate

Capital Crime Press

ISBN# 0-09776276-2-4

Large Trade Paperback


In the eagerly awaited sequel to the novel “Baby Shark,” Kristin “Baby Shark” Van Dijk returns to wage war against the bad guys. After all, the pearly gates are open day and night and as readers know from the first book, Baby Shark is certainly highly motivated to kill men who abuse women. Them and anyone else that needs killing and a lot of folks need killing.

It is 1956, a couple of years after the last book concluded, and Baby Shark has her Private Investigators License. She has also teamed up with Otis Millet and is now a partner is his detective agency. Their current case is to rescue-again-a certain young lady who once she turns eighteen is going to be incredibly wealthy. Baby Shark does rescue Sherry in a violent shootout that unfortunately for Baby Shark and Otis, leaves clues to their identities and a trail for a Beaumont mobster mad for his money. It doesn’t help that quite possibly Sherry is more trouble than she is worth.

Like the first in the series, this novel is another high powered ride. It follows the same basic formula of a violent opening, a romance for Baby Shark beginning around the middle of the book, and another violent showdown at the end. In between little character development happens as these characters were pretty much formed in the first novel but there are plenty of skirmishes with bad guys and bullets. With the barest of mentions of the proceeding novel, it could easily be read as a stand alone. However, for those that have read the first book, they will get more out of it.

A couple of years have passed which just means that everyone is pretty much set in his or her ways regarding how life is and how things should be dealt with when they come up. If it’s bad, moving or not, shoot and kill it. The result is an intense action novel that takes the reader on a heck of a thrill ride.

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Kevin R. Tipple © 2007

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