Atlantis was America 
by Dennis Brooks 

Pretty bold statement you say? Well yes it is and the author claims that Tampa was its capital city. Both are intriguing concepts; especially in the light of several recent novels that feature Atlantis. Now I was rather hoping for a scholarly tome explaining the theory.

Instead what I got was a 60 page pamphlet that mostly consists of an “interpretation” of Plato’s words on the subject. Now the readership of this site is probably fairly educated and will probably have read the original translation in their school days.

The book is mainly one long assertion and very little when it comes to backing facts. Its makes for a rather fast and intriguing read but one does wish for more. One rather hoped to get some meat on the bones to truly convince one of the facts behind the assertion.

I think in order to believe what is said in this book requires a bit of a leap of “faith”. But it is an amusing read one way or tother. There is nothing wrong with this publication per se just not a lot right either.

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