Recognizing divine providence at work in creation

What an interesting question Susi Pittman poses, do animals go to Heaven? To many people this may seem a rather trivial subject, yet the Catholic Church itself is torn on the answer. For those of us that have lost beloved pets over the years it is somewhat comforting to think that they are in some better, happier place.

I have to admit that I picked this book up not quite knowing what to expect, there was a nagging voice in the back of my head that was saying this was going to be 105 pages of slush! I was completely wrong in that assumption. Susi Pittman has put together a very well researched book. In fact so well researched that it could well be used as the center piece of a theology course on the subject.

Animals In Heaven? Consists of seven different sections, although I see it as following into three main subjects. Firstly the argument based on the bible, and Susi Pittman has certainly delved into this in great depth. Secondly she looks at some of the Saints that are associated with animals. And finally she explores her own experiences over the years.

Citing many references from the bible Susi Pittman lays out her basic argument, and finds many reasons why animals would be extended invitations to heaven.

Her personal experiences are both insightful and uplifting. The death of a pet can be a traumatic experience. A dog or a cat may well have been part of your family for over a decade. Susi offers advice on how to prepare for the event, preparation can often help soften the blow. Her own personal stories make for fascinating reading. Do pets know that their time has come? Do they make peace with the world? After reading this book I have to say, yes, that is very likely.

There is a chapter towards the end of the book that I found very curious indeed. The effect of the death of a human upon an animal. This is something that I had really never considered before. When Susi lost her husband Greg, his favorite cat Mary went into what can only be described as mourning. Even stranger, Mary’s health deteriorated, it was as if she had lost the will to live. I have indeed seen this phenomena in people, a husband or wife dies and their spouse enters a rapid decline and quickly follows their loves one into the after life.

There is also a web site in support of the book The Catholic Stewards Of Creation which explores the subject in more depth. You can order your copy of  Animals In Heaven? Catholics Want To Know!  From Amazon, just click on the cover art above.

Simon Barrett

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