An Eagle Unchained 
by James R Olsen

Rare is a time that one receives a book from a small publisher that is this good. From the writing to the actual presentation, everything is first class. Well it should be really as its a book about a run for President. This novel is perfectly timed for this cycle of the Presidential race. This political hack enjoyed every minute of the novel, even I found the fictional Presidential candidate’s radical ideas a bit tame.

He wanted to retain the IRS…for shame! The book details a software magnate who is a self-made man in his attempt to be the first third party candidate to win the Presidency.

As one might imagine with his agenda to add a line item veto via constitutional amendment to term limits for Congress he made many enemies from his first speech. While some enemies plotted his demise politically, one Senator was so incensed he decides to take things to a higher level.

There is, of course, a romance involved in the novel to keep it interesting for non-political types. Its well handled and never gets in the way of the proper plot. Still its a clever idea to romance your press officer, if you want to make sure she really puts your best face forward.

The novel is well written, well thought out and quite a pleasant read. I read in two nights because I enjoyed it so much. This is one of those novels you wonder why its not from a large publisher. Then you contemplate some of the plot dynamics and might think it was because of political reasons. I shall leave you to figure out which ones I mean.

This could have been a polemic thin disguised in a novel. Instead its a cracking good read whether or not you actually pay attention to the details of Hale’s agenda.

Olson has provided us with some great politics tinged fiction in the lead up to November.

Yes, I would vote for him.

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