I have been a fan of Indian food from the early 1970’s. I was a starving worker in London, I had little money and lived in what the Brits call a ‘Bed Sit’, basically it is one small room with a bed and not much else. To eat, I had to go out. And Indian food was both plentiful and cheap.

As a result of this trial by fire, I became an avid lover of the cuisine from India.

American Curry was exactly the book I have been seeking for more than 30 years. I class myself as a pretty decent cook, my wife loves my food, but hates the hurricane that has passed through the kitchen in the process of cooking!

One of the biggest problems I have always found with cooking Indian at home was the lack of access to the real ingredients. My local MagaMart is long on Meat, but short on Garam Masala.

American Curry shows us that there are alternatives, it is a life saving book for the lover of Indian cuisine who only has access to regular American fare. A good example is Samosas, little triangular pieces of heaven. The original requires an exotic pastry that is way outside the abilities of the North American cook. American Curry offers an unusual solution, and certainly one that I would never have thought of, use flour tortillas as the wrapping.

Great little book, and one that should give the average cook enough ideas that they will be able to modify almost any Indian recipe to fit the inventory of the average American MegaMart.

American Curry take the mystique out of a very mystical cuisine.

You can get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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