With colorful illustrations by Iryna Akolzina, Lorelyn Medina, and Nadezda Kouzntsova, the e-book Alphabet All-Stars by Scott Gordon teaches little ones the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is depicted with an upper case and lower case letter, an illustration and a short two sentence explanation.  For example:

“C is for Crab.

Crabs are funny

Creatures that

Walk sideways.”

A little explanation goes with each letter in a fun filled way of importing knowledge to little ones. The illustrations are a nice touch as they colorful depict not just the alphabet letter, but the accompanying item image.

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At the end of the book there is an illustration of all the letters on one page, followed by a congratulatory message about being an alphabet all-star. That is followed by six ads for other children books developed by author Scott Gordon.

Overall this is a colorful and well done e-book that teaches the little ones approximately three to six the alphabet. In addition to teaching the alphabet, Alphabet All-Stars provides a little information about various things using the letters. Flat out fun and a book that not only works well for the little ones it also meets the expectations of the adults in their lives.

Alphabet All-Stars

Scott Gordon


Kindle E-Book

(Estimated print length 32 pages)


Material picked up during the author’s recent free book promotion for my objective review. Alphabet All-Stars was read via the free “Kindle for PC” program.

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