For Bill Travis, financial advisor and sometimes a bit more, everything started with Sol Gunderson’s goats. The man has ten areas of land out of east of Austin, Texas. On the land he raises 40 or 50 Spanish goats. Now one is dead at the base of a hill on his property. It does not take Bill Travis long as he stared at the dead goat to figure out that something really bad and unnatural had happened to that goat.after the fire

Sol Gunderson, who lives alone these days having divorced his wife Eloise after 25 years of not so wedded bliss, thinks that there is something radioactive down at the base of the hill. He thinks whatever is down there killed Bebe. Whatever did it two days ago has caused the goat to be nearly mummified with tufts of fur scattering away from the body all around and even as far as to the hogwire fence fifty feet away. Sol Gunderson is a bit odd to say the least, but he is also a millionaire many times over which is why Bill Travis keeps him as a client. Sol is also right that something abnormal killed that goat.

Sol still cares deeply about Eloise, but his ex-wife does not want anything to do with him. She also is not interested in the dead goat or anything else involving her former husband, but does tell Travis there is a cancer cluster over in the subdivision across the creek from where Bebe died. She also tells Travis that it would be best to leave things alone. While she has her reasons and won’t say what they are, she warns him off and tells him that those responsible would not hesitate to remove him as well as his family.

Readers know from earlier books in this series, Travis isn’t going to leave anything alone. Eloise just waved a red flag in front of a bull and while Travis may take some precautions he isn’t about to stop investigating no matter what happens.

After The Fire: A Bill Travis Mystery is the ninth book in the series which started long ago with The Last Call. Author George Weir has put Travis through quite a lot and the same is true here in a very complicated tale filled with interesting characters, plenty of action, and more than one twist. A series that shows no signs of stopping After The Fire: A Bill Travis Mystery is another solidly good Texas sized mystery. While it could be read as a stand-alone, it would be far better to read this series in order.

After The Fire: A Bill Travis Mystery
George Wier
Flagstone Books
July 2014
130 Pages (estimated)

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Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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