Using simple pictures of various bulldogs and short captions, the book tells the tale of Marvin and his bulldog family. Momma is a tough task master and has definite expectations for her bulldog children. Finally, Marvin figures out that Mom is being hard on them because they never thank her for all she does. Mom and Marvin share a Christmas bonding moment of family love before she barks at him about getting his new shirt dirty.

The short story winds up with fun facts about bulldogs and links to three sites about bulldogs. The remaining more than half of the book is devoted to ads for the numerous other books by the author.

Aimed at the three to six year old crowd, the lesson here is that mom is tough because she is not thanked enough by her kids. All she wants is the best for them and wants them to understand that. A thought that may or may not have completely resonated with Marvin, who has the last word with his comment, “Oh momma, you’re impossible.”

The photographic illustrations are simple with the dogs either sitting, lying down, or standing. The dogs are occasionally posed with a prop of some type such as ac birthday hat, Christmas stocking, etc. Readers of the age group targeted may have some difficulties with words such as “impossible, instructions, diabetes,” etc., in this otherwise well done book.

Adorable Dogs: Bulldogs

Scott Gordon

July 2012

Kindle E-Book

Estimated print length–42 pages


Material picked up during the author’s recent free book promotion for my objective review. Adorable Dogs: Bulldogs was read via the free “Kindle for PC” program.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2012

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