I love books that move along at breakneck speed and author Pete Liebengood obviously shares my passion. Accidental Droning is the text book version of a cracking good read. Most novels in the 300 plus page range tend to get bogged down and drift off into long and pointless excursions into sub plots that are quite frankly boring to the reader. That is not the case here.

The basic elements of Accidental Droning are yummy. Recreational drones are all the rage these days, murder is hardly new but always in vogue and lets face it, sex, political corruptness and a good dose of stupidity is as old as man himself.

The story opens with the reader meeting Sage, a pot smoking surfer who calls a disused freight container home. I think it would be fair to say that Sage operates outside of what we would politely call ‘the norm’. Sage has fallen out of favor with his drug dealer, consuming but not paying for the goods apparently is frowned upon. I love the way that Pete Liebengood uses Sage, he is the perfect foil to introduce the other, and main characters.

Bo, the man that did not make it to the PGA and instead is relegated to the cellar of running the Pro Shop at a fancy golf course his wife Lena, ex TV news anchor and now would be politician.

Add to the mix, a porn millionaire Geoffrey Sparks and his missing young wife Summer Reign, you now have (excuse the pun) a perfect storm.

“Where is the drone”? I hear you ask. That is a good question. It is always a challenge to review a novel, just how much information should you share without spoiling the story? Where is the sex and intrigue?

OK, I will share just a little of the story. Bo finds himself unemployed and I am not really sure that he is mad keen on working in retail any more. Golf is his life, yet golf won’t give him his life. But, just maybe, there is a way forward, he could join his love of golf together with his hobby of flying a drone. Custom videos of each and every fairway. The videos could then be used by the golf course to lure people to come and play the course.

It is the perfect solution to Bo’s dilemma. Of course there is one minor little flaw. What happens when you show your friend how easy it is to fly the drone and he accidentally films a murder?

This sets off a chain reaction of events. It would be grossly unfair to share more of the story, but it is delightfully devious. His characters are larger than life, and should be avoided at all cost.

Possibly it is the characters that Pete Liebengood has conjured into life that make the book what it is. Every one of them leaves an impact, even pot head Sage.

It is doubtful that Accidental Droning will find its way into an English Literature class near you. That is a shame! The book is a delight from start to finish. I loved the pace, loved the characters, and loved the plot. This is a wild romp from page 1.

You can get your own copy of Accidental Droning by clicking on the Amazon link above.


Simon Barrett

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