For Jack Reacher, the car that finally stopped that Nebraska night meant that Reacher was finally going to be able to move along on his quest to see a woman in Virginia. Wintertime in Nebraska does not mean warm weather. Reacher was glad to get out of the cold. Especially as it had already been a long day and his busted nose was still bothering him pretty good.


When he climbed into the backseat of the car next to the woman it didn’t take long for him to realize something was off about the group. All three were dressed identically in black pants and blue denim shirts. What they say they are doing and what they are doing are clearly two different things. The men identify themselves as Alan King and Don McQueen. They do the majority of the talking while the woman, Karen Delfuenso, keeps her mouth shut.


The guys continue to talk too much and start making minor slipups. Things that might not be obvious to others, but errors the former Army Military Policeman notices. Before long, Reacher figures out that nearly everything they have said is a lie. What he has yet to figure out is what they do, the role of the woman, and why the group keeps hitting police roadblocks set up on the interstate.


The latest in the series finds Reacher in the middle of a mess that moves across Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. Stuck in the center of the country he isn’t going further towards his goal of getting to Virginia if things don’t get cleared up. Worse yet, as a suspect or a material witness depending on which person from what agency is talking, he might just vanish by way of the Patriot Act if some have their way.


Another good one in the series this novel features a more analytical and distant Reacher than the last several books. This is depicted through the use of internal monologue as well as in his dialogue with others. The wide distance between him and others is always there as is his often stated main goal of getting to Virginia.


Shifting in point of view from Reacher to many other characters involved in this drama, the focus is building suspense. Since readers know beforehand that Reacher won’t die, otherwise the series would end, it becomes obvious that others will die. They do and in two cases it is rather disappointing that things were resolved in that way.



Ultimately, A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel is another good one in the series. Relying on his intellect and his physical abilities/skills along with a little help from temporary companions, Reacher achieves a sort of justice. He again manages to survive events only a little worse for wear. After all, he has a woman waiting on him in Virginia.


A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel

Lee Child

Delacorte Press (imprint of Random House)

September 11, 2012

ISBN# 978-0-385-34433-3


416 Pages




ARC provided by Shelf Awareness in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2012

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