Travel writing is incredible.  It mixes together two incredible things, travel and writing, and manages to create a hybrid which maintains the greatest aspects of each component.  Two shining examples of the genre which have a had a great impact on my own life are Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries and Bill Bryson’s A Walk In The Woods.  Now there is some travel writing with a spiritual spin.

Starting this February, now available from Ave Maria Press and editor Michael Ford comes the latest compilation of one of the most vivid and poignant modern Catholic minds.  A Restless Soul – Meditations From The Road by Henri Nouwen is now ready to be read and enjoyed whenever you like.  Bring home this illuminating collection of travel writing today.

This book is a collection of works written by Henri Nouwen and edited into coherent sections by Michael Ford.  These selections come from many different books, but they are all pieces written about Nouwen’s travels or the things he saw when he was away.  The book is broken into three segments – Europe, North America, and Latin and South America.  He travels through Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, the United States, Canada, Peru, and Nicaragua, to name a few places.  He visits old friends, prisons, his new hometown, and writes about his feelings along the way.

This is a valuable and incredible book.  Some of us have never seen the sorts of things which Nouwen speaks about in this book and some of us have.  Yet Nouwen shows them to us through new eyes.  He sheds a contemplative light on every location and situation he writes about.  His reactions and musings will find common threads in all of us, regardless of which church we frequent or if we even frequent one at all.  The only place where the untrained might be at a small disadvantage is in the section where Nouwen writes about his travels through Central and South America.  He spends a great deal of time talking about and referring to the liberation theology of Gustavo Gutierrez.  Nouwen gets what rests at the heart of that doctrine and his comments are magnificently compelling.

This Restless Soul will stir up that part of you which is always looking for God.

Ave Maria Press is a major Catholic book publisher which aims to inform, illuminate, and serve as a conduit for change through God and the Church.  Started by the same priest who founded Notre Dame University, they have been bringing high quality religious documents into the world consistently since 1865.

This book is available through Ave Maria Press.

Nathaniel Jonet

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