Catholicism is fascinating.  I am drawn to the ritual and richness of symbolism in the Catholic Church.  When I read a Catholic author or hear a Mass or even walk into a Catholic church, I sense that connection which links us back through time to all the others who have believed before us.  I’m not a Catholic though, but I certainly respect that faith tradition.  Now there is a new book out which does much to explain the importance and relevance of the Catholic faith.

Starting on February 22nd, now available from BookSurge Publishing, is the most recent book from author Dana Paul Robinson.  A Parent’s Catechism – Passing On The Christian Faith is ready for you to bring home and help you keep the flame of Catholic faith burning bright.

A Parent’s Catechism is, as the name would suggest, a catechism of sorts.  It serves as a refresher for Catholic parents who went through their catechism classes as children, but who now have children of their own who are asking questions about Catholicism.  Also, it is a detailed look inside the Catholic faith for those adults who might be new to the Church, but are looking for a little in-depth information.

Dana Paul Robinson breaks this book down into three parts: Foundation of Belief, Commitment to God, and Sanctification.  In Foundation of Belief, which makes up most of the book corresponding to its importance, Robinson goes into great depth on the history of the bible, the Scriptures themselves, and the history of the church.  In Commitment to God, he speaks about the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Cardinal and Theological Virtues, and the Seven Deadly Sins.  In Sanctification, he looks into the process of sanctification, something Catholics see as expressed through works.  This section contains information about prayer, worship, rites and rituals, and the sacraments.

One especially note-worthy inclusion in this book is the two forewords.  The first foreword comes from Father Ronald Rolheiser, OMI.  He is world-renowned speaker, writer and columnist.  He is also the president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonia, Texas.  The second foreword comes from The Most Reverend Harry Flynn.  He is currently the Archbishop of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and is well known for his stances on social justice and his opposition to the Iraq war.  Together, these two forewords lend a level of credibility and authority to Mr. Robinson’s book which is seldom seen in the realm of independent religious writers.

This book is a very impressive look into the Catholic faith.  From my own theology degree, I recognized much of the information about the Bible and even the Catholic church.  It was the descriptions of the sacraments and the sins and virtues which were especially outstanding to me.  That part of faith is foreign to me and this book is a very good introduction to those topics.  Robinson does a wonderful job of explaining and illustrating these difficult and pivotal topics.

This Catechism is worth passing on.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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