The sexting and the coke were already a problem before he got caught by Betty when she came home with the kids. The drugs on the coffee table and the messages on the phone were dead giveaways even if Betty had not noticed his glassy eyes. She noticed and she was not happy. He could explain it all, but that would definitely make things worse, so he didn’t try to stop her from taking the boys and leaving.

Thanks to his principal, he has a plan to fix everything. A great plan. Quite possibly the best plan ever. He just needs to get some stuff, including some more coke, and get a little help from a friend or two.


If you have read any of the short fiction penned by author C. S. DeWildt, you know things tend to go very dark quickly. Such is the case here with A Not Good Teacher: A Short Story. Every step he takes, every move he makes, just makes things worse. Some of that is funny, but overall this is a dark tale of futility. The only real question is just how bad things will ultimately get in this noir style tale.


A Not Good Teacher: A Short Story

CS DeWildt

Ugly Dad Books

August 2018


eBook only

28 Pages




Material was picked up back in August to read and review.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2018


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