13 Common Sense Principles To Enhance Your People Skills And Make You A More Effective Leader

I have read so many business books that I get a headache just thinking about this genre. Most of the books are weighty tomes full of impractical advice. Clearly Jo Ellen Roe agrees with me, her new book A Dog’s Advice To Leaders is a slim easy to read and understand book. As with most things in life if you apply a dose of good old common sense the task at hand becomes a whole lot easier. Alas common sense sadly seems to be a commodity in short supply in most business books.

Author Jo Ellen Roe uses an unusual approach to spread her message, life is viewed through the eyes and mind of her retriever Nestle, otherwise known as Miss Brown. Miss Brown has a very down to earth approach to business and essentially breaks it down into 13 concepts, all of which are very straightforward.

Actually reading this book made me reflect on the various organizations that I have worked with over the years, and boy have I worked with some strange people. One episode in particular springs to mind, I spent several years working for a family owned enterprise run by an absolute tyrant. It was micro management at its finest. It was not a workplace, it was a battlefield strewn with the bloodied and dying.

Essentially Jo Ellen Roe’s message is a simple one, lead by example, let people do their job, and learn how to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Miss Brown for example is exceedingly good at catching a frisbee in her mouth, a talent that her best friends Doug and Kate lack. Doug on the other hand is exceedingly good at throwing the frisbee. The entire book is written in this manner.

At just over 60 pages A Dog’s Advice To Leaders is hardly a taxing read, but within these pages are a wealth of common sense hints and tips that almost everyone can gain some knowledge from. You do not need to be a leader to learn some helpful information for the workplace and indeed life in general.

Jo Ellen Roe holds a Masters in Human Resources and Organizational Development and is eminently qualified to talk about leadership. In her biography she mentions that over the years she has worked with many leaders, but only a few have inspired her. A key to leadership is people skills. All great leaders have great people skills. That is apparent when you see one interviewed on TV, they know how to respond both in words and body language.

You can get your copy from Amazon. The author also has a web site.

Simon Barrett


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