I do a great deal of reading, I read for fun and pleasure, I read for professional reasons, I am a readaholic! Black letters on a white background are my crack cocaine. Some people buy new cars every year just to revel in the ‘new car smell’, whereas I love the odor of fresh ink on crisp paper. The tactile sensation of the paper, the visual beauty of the font, all of these are important to me.

But of course books are like ‘new cars’ eventually the ‘new smell’ goes away and you have to determine if you made a wise choice.

There are many genres that an author can select. None are easy to pull off, but some are much harder than others. The Short Story is a glowing example, to be effective the author must tell his tale in a compact number of words, yet also convey the tale in a ‘three course meal’ satisfying way. This is harder to do than most people suspect.

So, lets talk about A Casebook Of Curious Cases, it is a collection of short stories that each while having a medical backdrop do not dwell in medicine, they launch off into some very entertaining avenues.

Adam Dumphy uses tells his tales mainly through the eyes of his lead character Thaddeus Jefferson Thompson (AKA TJ). The setting for the book is post World War II San Diego and TJ is overworked, underpaid, and usually under the thumb of his wife Dede. TJ does however have one hobby, he loves to poke around in curious cases. He does not seek them out, somehow others manage to involve him.

I have great empathy with TJ, My background was computers rather than medicine, we had a saying when something bad happened ‘It’s an SEP’, translated into English ‘Someone Else’s Problem’. But like TJ I found that SEP’s had a nasty tendency of arriving on my desk!

I enjoyed A Casebook Of Curious Cases a great deal. Adam Dumphy is a natural story teller with the gift of humor.

The first story in the book sets the stage for Adam Dumphy’s fine sense of humor. As an important man in the medical profession and on call 24/7 TJ becomes the talk of the neighborhood when he installs a telephone in the bathroom! Thaddeus soon realizes that this was a dire mistake. People call at the most inconvenient times when using the convenience!

Adam Dumphy makes more than one reference to the dreaded telephone in the bathroom and putting on my Psychology hat for a moment, I am forced to consider that this may indeed be more based in fact than fiction!

The reader is taken on a wild ride of adventure in A Casebook Of Curious Adventures. It is a cliche, but Adam Dumphy does indeed  think ‘out side of the box’.

He is my kind of writer. He writes for his own amusement not the general public. He is a delightfully grumpy octogenarian (87 to be exact), who cares little about fame and fortune. In fact when I tracked him down and suggested doing a book review, he politely told me to ‘go away and bug someone else’, or words to that effect!

As a book reviewer who reads millions of words each year I have developed a keen eye for typos. I found a few in Curious Cases and that became a curious case itself. It transpires that Adam Dumphy does not approve of editors. Under normal circumstances this goes against the grain of the publishing world. However in the case of Adam Dumphy it is likely a good thing in the quest for world peace. I have a feeling that an editor would not stand a chance against this man! Blood would be spilled!

I have to admit the A Casebook Of Curious Cases is by far the best collection of short stories that I have read in a very long time.

You can order your copy by using the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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