I first encountered Granville back in 2009 when he released his very thought provoking novel Choices. It was a unique piece of writing and very thought provoking. While a work of fiction it very much was also reflective of the authors chosen profession, that of Life Coach.

A couple of weeks ago he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading his new book 5 Steps To Choosing Your Path. A couple of days after the book arrived he called me to make sure that I had received it safe and sound. I don’t usually make a practice of writing a book review and including the back story of the mechanics of the book reviewing business, but this is a situation where it does have a very direct bearing.

I have a very unscientific theory, if you were to create a pile of all of the self help books in existence the pile would reach the Moon! My other gripe about the vast majority of them is the incredible sameness, it is almost as if ‘there is an app for that’. Plug in some cutesy acronyms, and voila, out comes 400 pages of book! Yes I am a cynic!

This telephone conversation was not recorded, but as best as I can recall, Granville made the following comment:

You are right, authors rehash the same old stuff, the first chapter or so is new and fresh, then it is back to business as usual.

5 Simple Steps is new and fresh. And without doubt the word ‘simple’ is well chosen. At only 44 pages in length it is hardly a major reading excursion. It is instead brief and to the point. It is about making choices in your life.

A bad choice made today may well haunt you for the rest of your life. As a crime journalist I see poor choices made everyday. For six years I was involved with a large homeless shelter in a major city. Again, I saw poor choices being made daily. However I did occasionally see a wise choice. In fact yesterday I received an email from a gentleman who for a period of time was homeless and living at the shelter. He had turned his life around over the past 4 years and insisted that I see a picture of his new car. And yes this is for real!


As Granville Brown points out, choices are yours to make, and only you can make them. 5 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Path is a great and simple read. In step one he suggests ‘Think It Out’. But he also explains that this should not involve ‘paralysis by analysis’. It is not an invitation for procrastination, it is instead your opportunity to consider the potential rewards and/or consequences.

Granville Brown has a curious short dissertation that certainly caught my attention, the difference between the words ‘Choices’ and ‘Decisions’. To many people the two words are interchangeable. In reality they are very different. I ‘chose’ to read 5 Simple Steps, rather than ‘decided’ to read it!

5 Simple Steps is a great thought provoking book. It took under an hour to read, and I have been sat out on my 95 degree front porch contemplating the message for several hours. Everyday we make choices, some are simple, others are more complex, however all deserve consideration. Take an hour out of your life and think about the process you use to make your choices. Learning how to make choices may not make you rich, but it certainly will make you a richer person inside.

You can order your copy of 5 Simple Steps by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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