100 Greatest Metal Guitarists 
by Joel McIver

McIver is a brave man to attempt such a task and this book will surely inspire massive arguments amongst the metal hordes, during their next libations, over his choices and order. I can name a few that did not make this list (how could Chris Oliva not make the cut?) that I question and a few on it that make me wonder. Then again no top 100 list ever fully satisfies.

That being said the book is well put together, and while aimed at those more knowledgeable in the art of guitar playing, is still viable for those that aren’t actually players themselves. I found it fascinating and very hard to put down even when I should have been doing other things. It so easily could have been a boring trawl for guitar geeks. The author writes for leading guitar magazines so is used to writing to those “in the know”.

As with many such books there are liberal doses of quotes from guitarists both about themselves, other guitarists and even whom they think should be number one. The fact that McIver secured Glen Benton of Deicide (in)fame(y) to do the introduction speaks volumes to the quality of the author. Its obvious the man is well respected by his subjects and respects them in equal measure.

If you are into your metal guitar then this is a great add to your book collection. The book would make an excellent addition to any present list for any metal guitarists and metal-heads.

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