This is a criticism of 15 books that have been readily accepted in the liberal/progressive canon as the heart of said philosophical thought. The author separates each of the 15 books (there are 4 preliminary screw-up and one dishonorable mention) into 15 separate chapters and then seeks to first explain what is being proposed in each book. He then explains the historical context that the writer came of age in and how said writer came to unearth their harmful idea. Lastly, he takes each idea to its ultimate conclusion and shows us the patterns in thought and deed that we are currently dealing with today. The authors he skewers are Marx/Engels, John Stuart Mill, Darwin, Nietzshe, Lenin, Sanger, Hitler, Freud, Mead and child rapist (enabler) Alfred Kinsey. The other five are Machiavelli, Descartes, Hobbes, Rousseau and Betty Friedan.First off, negative review of this book is simply an adherent of the kinds of philosophies skewered therein and is trying to defend itself against much needed criticism (and judging by the reviews I’ve read, badly at that). Wiker’s book is exactly the kind of publication we need right now to stem the tide of cultural degradation brought on by pigs and sociopaths that have readily adopted by our intellectual elites (pigs and sociopaths themselves). Wiker is spot on in his analysis of these books both by explaining the contextual history of the authors as well as examining how each of these ideas taken to their least common denominator dooms us to the current cultural wasteland we are currently living in.  One of the elements you come away with after reading this book is just how harmful atheism is to the human race. That’s not because he’s preaching religion per se, rather it is because all of the mentioned authors were atheist themselves and their ideas were generated out of a necessity to fill the gap where God and objective morality had been subsequently obliterated. The other element that becomes very clean is just how dysfunctional all of these people, from Rousseau to Hobbes to Marx to Freud to Friedan to child rapist (enabler) Alfred Kinsey really were and more importantly how their entire ideological careers were defined by their desire to seek acceptance for their unnatural and immoral behavior. Most of the writers chronicled in this great book simply wanted to have lots of sex with lots of people and did not want to have any adult responsibilities. So they each, in their own way, killed God in their writings, used fallacious logic to rationalize piggish/whorish behavior and viola! a new harmful idea is born. Marx was a little different. He was spoiled brat who didn’t want to work or be poor and thus his embracing of socialism. The author rightly points out that many of these works come in the wake of the Renaissance and more to the point, seem to be learned yet spoiled child’s violent reaction to the rulings of the Catholic Church. Essentially, much of the writings coming out of the 16th century and beyond amounts to a rejection of morality and the teachings of Christ so that the author may be free to wallow in his own flatulence.  If the American intelligentsia had any guts they would assign this book along with the books themselves that Wiker is critiquing and let the students think for themselves what line of thought they believe is valid. But that is the point isn’t it; all of these ideas cannot stand on their own merit. They all need some element of fascism to employ and censorship to eliminate competing ideas because when there is competition, rational, unspoiled, sane, virtuous individuals go with ideas that make sense and not the ones by the philosophers represented in this book. Dr. Wiker should be applauded for his bravery in writing this book and it is every good citizens duty to read it and pass it on to others so that there is a chance we can undo the damage these ideas have done.

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