I am not an expert on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by any stretch of the imagination. I am just a book reviewer that has an interest in JFK. When I see a JFK related book I always ask for a review copy. Over the past several months I have reviewed about half a dozen books on the subject, from the very scholarly Someone Would Have Talked by Larry Hancock, to the delightful and yet thought provoking ‘lets pretend’ novel  Deadly Legacy by Rebecca Cale Camhi. All have been great reads, and all have had their own charm. I might not agree with every aspect of every author, and every author has their own theory, but they have been well researched, and are plausible.

Then along came “My God, I’m Hit!”. My mother had a favorite saying “You should not judge a book by its cover”. Well as a book reviewer, I tend to disagree, the cover and credits actually tell you a great deal about the book. Who is the publisher? If it is from Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, or one of the other 800lb Lowland Gorillas you can expect a sanitized and over edited work. If it is from an independent publisher, it will be a crafted work. If it is from the bottom feeders like Lulu or Authorhouse, it will be a crapshoot.

“My God, I’m Hit!” represents all that is wrong with the publishing industry, it is the epitome of the POD (Print On Demand) problem, there is no publisher whatsoever. No one would want to stand behind this rubbish.

On the technical side this book is a disaster, typos, bad grammar, words missing, and words misspelled abound. Two editors are named in the credits, and I can only assume they are blind deaf mutes who obtained their training from some online university that they found on the inside flap of a book of matches.

OK, lets get to the story itself. As I said I am not an expert on the subject, but I likely know more than the average person because of the number of books I have read about it. Well, Brian David Andersen takes us in a direction that I have never heard expounded before. Kennedy did not die at all, the entire thing was faked. Body doubles were used, not just of JFK, but Lee Harvey Oswald, and even Tippit the cop that was killed. In a move that would amaze even David Copperfield we discover that the open top limousine transporting the president had been modified to allow two people to hide in the trunk, and at a predetermined point the body double was shot at close range and then using a secret trapdoor JFK and the now dead double swap places!

Meanwhile Dallas Police officer J. D. Tippit and his doppelganger are cruising around the city, both are destined to meet a bloody end, the real Tippit, is going to get a makeover and become the dead body of JFK, while his twin becomes the dead Tippit. I do hope I haven’t lost you yet, because it gets better!

Patsy Lee Harvey Oswald also has a twin. And it is blanks that Jack Ruby shoots at him. Elsewhere in the jail his body double is killed!

This entire scenario is so that JFK can abdicate his presidency! And this just the ‘factual’ beginning of the book!

In the very unlikely event that you wish to read this book you can order it through the authors web site http://mygodimhit.com (the author did not see fit to have it included on Amazon). As to the credentials of Mr. Andersen, apparently when he is not espousing on JFK he is a self taught physicist who has rewritten the periodic table, and regularly practices ‘cold fusion’ in his kitchen! He is also the inventor of several ‘innovative’ health remedies that have yet to be discovered by traditional science.

When I am not reviewing I do have a real job, I teach. I teach adults, and one class is about safety online, just because it is on your computer monitor it does not mean it is true. Questionable science is the wonder of the web, and Mr. Andersen is maybe the best example of this phenomena I have seen in quite a while.

All I can say is Caveat Emptor!

Simon Barrett


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