Stress. Worry. Anxiety. Trauma. They’re not just for adults; children live in a world of ever-increasing confusion, stressful circumstances in homes and schools, and mounting social pressures. Every child occasionally needs to relieve stress and simply relax. Lori Lite’s children’s relaxation books, The Goodnight Caterpillar: A Children’s Relaxation Story and A Boy and a Turtle: A Children’s Visualization Book, provide simple step-by-step relaxation techniques within engaging stories and effective illustrations. Lite’s stories teach useful skills that will help children cope with stress and find peace throughout their lives.

As children read both books they are drawn into a world that engages their imagination and invites them to follow along with the methods demonstrated by the characters. The stories are clear, but any child experiencing difficulty conjuring the tales in his or her mind’s eye will find the colorful drawings by Kimberly C. Fox bring them to life.

A Boy and a Turtle follows a boy and a turtle as they admire a rainbow at the edge of a pond. Guided imagery, color visualization, and breathing exercise bring to mind ancient Eastern healing. The journey of the rainbow’s colors through their bodies touches upon each of the Chakras, yet does so without any complicated terminology or abstract concepts. Readers following along are simply encouraged to become aware of each body part corresponding with the colors, eventually ending in a white light that unites the boy and the turtle in their common rainbow experience.

The clever usage of two characters enjoying the effects of the rainbow allows a parent to read the book along with his or her child and for both parent and child to imagine the rainbow together. The unification of the turtle and the boy—and in turn the parent and child—can offer children a sense of completeness, strength, and safety in addition to promoting serenity.

The Goodnight Caterpillar is a perfect bedtime book that helps a child relax his or her mind and body and enter a state of restfulness conducive to sound sleep. The story presents an “uptight” caterpillar who’s suffering the effects of stress due to hurriedness and overwork. He is coached by a laid-back girl through the process of unwinding. She guides him along the path of progressive muscle relaxation. The reader can follow along and benefit from the relief provided by consciously relaxing each part of the body.

Breathing exercise, stillness, and focus on a clear and calm mind accompany the progressive relaxation. In his newly-achieved relaxed state the caterpillar is able to face his tasks in a calm and confident manner. As he wraps himself in a cocoon and falls asleep, the reader is invited to enjoy the same rest and remain aware that he or she can face life without undue anxiety.

For parents of children experiencing traumatic or persistent stress, A Boy and a Turtle and The Goodnight Caterpillar are essential. But even for children who suffer fleeting stress, they are helpful. We’re never too young to learn how to handle the pressures of this complicated world in a healthy manner. Lori Lite’s books are educational tools children and parents will enjoy reading time and again.

Both books are available through Amazon and LiteBooks. Previews of both books can be found on the LiteBooks web site.

A Boy and a Turtle
ISBN: 0970863306
Ages: 4-8

The Goodnight Caterpillar
ISBN: 0978778138
Ages: 4-8

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