dj-secrets.jpgMy wife is convinced that I know the strangest people on the planet. Ex mobsters, spooks, geeks, you name the the ‘profession’ I likely know one!

Without doubt a high ranking member of my strange circle of friends is D. Alan Johnson. By day he is an author, and by night he is a pilot. Oh, not the run of the mill that flies a cattle wagon 737 full of people between San Diego and LA and dress up in pilots garb. Dave doesn’t go for epaulets, more epithets! He is a man of many war stories, figuratively and literally.

Since 1986 he has been part of a very elite group of pilots, he does not fly for a commercial airline, unless a stint at Air America counts? Nah!

As with most of my friends, Dave snuck up on me. He had published a novel Asgaard, a book coincidentally that is well worth the price of admission. If you have a friend or family member that likes action/adventure books they will love Asgaard.

There was something in the way that Asgaard was written that led me to think that D. Alan Johnson knew way more about the nits and grits of being a Private Military Contractor than could be gleaned from mere online research. Asgaard was a flight of fantasy (pun intended) but written with the knowledge and acumen that could only come through experience.

Simon had busted him! I was right! D. Alan Johnson was no regular pilot.

Dave’s retribution was to share another of his books with me ‘How to Get a Job In The War On Terrorism. This very much stripped away the veneer. This was not a Dummies Guide to getting a job as an airport screener. This is the full meal deal on being at the sharp edge of the war on terror and the war on drugs.  Wimps need not apply!

It is not sugar coated, unless you have the right skill set do not fill out the application form. Actually there is no application form. It is what you know, who you know, and how you apply it. The jobs are not advertised, and they are not entry level positions. You don’t have to worry about office politics, but you certainly do need to be a little concerned about various types of bullets and larger ordinance that might be headed your way.

Dave called me recently from his current location, lets put it this way, he is not in Kansas. He was wondering if I might be interested in reading his new book. Of course I said yes. Any book by D. Alan Johnson will always get my interest!

Secrets Of Selling Used Equipment is aimed at a niche market, the buying and selling of large pieces of used equipment including airplanes. It is a business where the rewards are high if you understand the rules of engagement and have a strong stomach for price tags that have a lot of zeros at the end of them.

Dave admitted to me on the phone that he would get back into the business in a heartbeat were it not for his love of flying.

I will have a review of the book in the very near future. Some last minute publishing tweaks are being made and so I will wait for the finished product.

I will say this, if you are involved or are interested in this market you will want a copy of this book. Even if you are not interested in buying and selling mega-machines you likely will enjoy the book anyway, it has plenty of Dave stories in it!

There is a web site being constructed to support the book at

More soon.

Simon Barrett

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