Dennis J. Schleicher, a gay man looking for love, meets another man for coffee, and develops a relationship with him. There’s only one catch, though: Dennis has fallen in love with a married man.
Sound like the plot of the latest art house film? Nope, it’s true, and what’s more, Glastonbury resident Dennis Schleicher, the “other man” in this unusual love triangle, has written a book about it.
Forbidden Love with a Married Man: E-mail Diaries was published by AuthorHouse. In the book, Schleicher discusses his relationship with “Byron,” a married man who Schleicher agreed to meet for coffee this past January at Daybreak, right here in town. (Schleicher declined to reveal what town Byron lives in, but said it is in Connecticut.)
The two began “the usual courtship,” Schleicher said this week, adding he made it clear to Byron right from the start that “I was having a really hard time justifying his committing adultery.”
Schleicher, 34, said the situation he found himself in isn’t as unusual as it might seem. He said there are “millions of women” whose husbands are secretly living a gay or bisexual lifestyle. In fact, Schleicher said, he had a personal ad posted on the Internet and would usually get about a dozen responses each month from interested men who also were married. (Byron happened to be one of those men.)
So, Schleicher decided to let women know their perfect marriages might not really be so perfect. He compiled the e-mails he and Byron sent each other during their relationship, showed the compilation to some friends, and they all agreed with him. Noting the success of Brokeback Mountain, as well as the impending publication of former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s memoirs, Schleicher said his book is in “a hot genre, and it had to be out there.”
So, Schleicher went with the self-publisher AuthorHouse, though he says he had other publishers interested, and the book came out last month. Schleicher said discovering their husband is secretly gay “is every woman’s worst nightmare. My book should serve as a wake-up call.”
And Schleicher is doing more than just writing a book about this situation, which he feels “millions of women need to know about.” Since April, he’s run a support group for gay married men, to help them to come clean with their wives. There are 18 men in the group, he said, and eight of them are Glastonbury husbands. Of those eight, he said, only one has told his wife. (Any men interested in joining his support group should visit his website at www.HonestOpinion.US )
This isn’t Schleicher’s first time in the news. In 1989, he was interviewed by area newspapers and even went on Sally Jesse Raphael and Larry King Live after enduring what he called a “horrific bashing” while a junior at East Hartford High School. Schleicher talks about the event in his book, and visibly choked up when discussing it with The Glastonbury Citizen.

As for Byron, Schleicher said, Byron still hasn’t admitted the relationship to his wife.
Forbidden Love with a Married Man; E-Mail Diaries.
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