There are lots of Book Awards available, and I am a fan of celebrating great books. An award is something that an author can celebrate in. Even I occasionally venture into the award business, I publish a list of my favorite books (that I have actually read) in any given year,

There are no tangible prizes in winning a spot on my list. My list is entirely personal, it is merely a list of the favorite books that I have read in any given year. Other (many others) offer a different avenue. You pay to enter! Wow, this is an interesting concept. As far as I can tell (could be wrong) you can not buy your way into the Superbowl, But all bets are off when it comes to books!

Just read this gem to get a real understanding:

ForeWord is one of the most trusted sources librarians rely on for book discovery. For the past fourteen years, ForeWord has worked tirelessly to spotlight independently published books—through our review services, magazine features, and book awards program.

From year to year, ForeWord’s Book of the Year Awards program offers a list of high-quality titles in the industry. Our panel of judges come from the top libraries and bookstores across America, and they carefully choose these superior titles based on their own authority and patron/customer interests.

Over the course of a book’s history, there are two crucial windows of opportunity: its launch, and any glowing reviews or awards it earns along the way. Seize the opportunity! An award from the book publishing industry’s premier review journal guarantees your title will stand out as it moves from the front list to the back list next year.

For only $99, ForeWord’s Book of the Year Awards program gives you one more opportunity to promote and sell your book to a captive audience of industry influencers.

You’ve already celebrated one milestone, now prepare for the other by entering the 2012 Book of the Year Awards program today!

For only $99 you can enter the program! I am not picking on ForeWord, I am just using them as an example.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the $99 is an added bonus to the $335 that many authors have already paid! The nonsense however gets better:

Open to all books and publishers, Clarion draws from the same pool of highly-qualified reviewers as ForeWord’s other review services. Clarion promises an objective 400 – 500 word review/critique with a quick six to eight week turnaround. The review will be posted on the ForeWord website (if the publisher desires), licensed to the three top wholesale databases, and made available to the book’s publisher. This service is ideal for books that haven’t received review attention elsewhere.

Well this sounds like a pile of hooey. But I am sure that they are a fine upstanding organization. They also offer this sage advice:

How to Get Reviewed #

A Clarion Review can be purchased via the Order button on this page. Your receipt will contain details about how to get your book to us. If you have any questions, check our FAQ or call (I cannot bring myself to publish the number).

There is nothing wrong with being a paid gun, but why are they demanding $99 to enter a competition? One would have to assume that the books had already been read?

You might have noticed that I did not put in any links, that was intentional.

Simon Barrett

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