Some quick thinking on the part of a distracted and offended bus driver in the southern German town of Lindau probably saved his passengers from several rough turns, unpleasant acceleration and an abrupt stop when he impolitely asked a woman passenger wearing a low-cut blouse sitting near him to either find another seat or get out.

The boobs’ owner, deeply offended by this, decided to switch seats and continue her journey but later complained to the bus company. A company representative, offended by her reaction, not only defended the offending offended driver, he flipped out and began ragging her about being so easily offended, as well.

Pulling out a newspaper he had just been reading, he referred to an interview with psychologist Margarete Mitscherlich in which she noted that that Germans are much too easily offended in general (and that there probably wouldn’t even have been a Nazi era if they weren’t this way), the company rep then went on to offend the offended passenger some more by saying she was holding up other people waiting in line behind her who had come there to be offended about something else.

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