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Controversial billboards coming down

A morning radio show has caused a flap in Idaho, and we’re not talking about Howard Stern or Don Imus.  Boise radio station 96.9, The Eagle, wanted to attract a larger portion of male listeners, and decided cleavage was the way to go.  So they coughed up the required change to have a billboard sized graphic made, and billboards aren’t cheap.  The image was of a bodacious woman’s t-shirt, with two faces planted strategically on the front.  The faces belonged to the radio show’s hosts, a couple of guys named Bob and Tom.  The ad campaign was meant to promote the duo as Two Boobs in the Morning.

If this was Los Angeles, or if the sign was in Times Square, it probably wouldn’t have caused such a fuss, but this was The Heartland, home to good ‘ol down home folks, and big boobs and radio just didn’t seem to fit.  Maybe the correlation between the two just didn’t take hold.  Men look at boobs, but they don’t look at the radio.  People listen to the radio.  Boobs don’t make a lot of noise.  Just no direct relationship there.

If the advertising company that designed the campaign had tried to localize it a bit more, it might have been able to fly.  When you think of Idaho, you think of potatoes, so maybe a different tag line would have worked.  Rather than going with Two Boobs in the Morning, they could have tried Two Spuds, or Two Taters, instead.  The Tater tag would have been reminiscient of an old George Carlin routine, the one about the Seven Dirty Words.  If you don’t remember his references to Tater T..’s as a snack, then you’re not old enough for us to tell you.

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