It’s hard to gauge from over here in the Philippines, but the press (even CNN International) is pushing the Democratic talking points over the Martin murder case, complete with the photo of an angelic 14 year old to prove his innocence and the meme of a “white Hispanic” to describe a metziso who has more black ancestry than Senator Warren has Cherokee blood.

Just ignore Egypt falling apart, the Benghazi kerfuffle, the high unemployment rate, the numerous bankers who got a “get out of jail free” card because they have friends in the right places, the Obamacare war on the churches, and the fact a lot of folks think the great depression is back to stay. Nope. The MSM is pushing stories to keep you distracted: and if it wasn’t the Zimmerman case, it would be a similar distraction (next story coming up: Kate’s baby).

My liberal Facebook friends are hyper-ventillating and mouthing the talking points, and the Manila Bulletin has a photo of mainly white protesters in Time Square on the front page (not black folks in Brooklyn?), so I guess this means “Move On” folks will be busy rioting and breaking the windows of stores owned by Pakistani immigrants all over the nation, trying to prove their superiority to ordinary racist Americans.

Yet the MSM has gone way beyond just hyping a story.Why does MSNBC,  allow one of their commentators to promote violence (and why do their sponsors continue to fund this man)? Why does the press ignore the astro turfing links by the family’s lawyer that is stoking the anger, and why does the US Justice Department fund those who will fan the flames of anger?

There is a hot spell in some US cities right now, and it wouldn’t take much to cause major riots, but never mind. I agree with TalkLeft: the story was hyped by the press to get ratings, and if it causes riots, well all the better for their sagging ratings (and revenue).

This is a redux of the book “Bonfire of the Vanities”, folks, where cynical people whipped up a race crime for their own advantage.

The bad news? The discussions that could benefit the nation are not going on.

One: Should police coverup or ignore minor crimes (such as the stolen jewelry in Martin’s high school locker, or his marijuana use), so that a troubled minor might have a second chance in life, without saddling him with a criminal record?

Two: This is about gun control, both about why some people feel they need guns for protection, and about the danger of letting semi trained civilians carry weapons.

Reality check: if Zimmerman wasn’t allowed to carry a handgun, Martin would be alive today, and out on bail on a minor assault charge, while Zimmerman  would be recovering from major head injuries in a rehab center.

So the US needs a discussion on violence, and the willingness of some sub populations to respond to perceived threats with violence.

This CDC report on homicides in young people show that the problem, contrary to what you hear, is actually improving, and it also reveals what most people know, but few except for Mayor Bloomberg dare to whisper: That homicides are more common in certain ethnic groups.True, too many blacks feel threatened when they are stopped for “walking while black”, and too many Hispanics are stopped on the highways for “driving while Hispanic” but this is not because of racial prejudice but because of realism.

Yet no one wants to say: it’s the crime, stupid. Profiling using race alone is wrong, but profiling using suspicious behavior, suspicious body language, plus race is not the same as racial profiling.

So stop all profiling? Well, if you do,  you get what the TSA is doing at American airports: patting down dangerous 85 year old Filipino World War II veterans like my husband so that they can check those who really act suspiciously, (but will sue if you appear to single the out).

Finally, hate crimes are not a monolith. Compare and contrast:LINK1 (black on white “bullying”)  LINK 2 (black on Asian “bullying”), and then there is this (Mexican gangs who target black families).

If the black community is angry about Martin’s death well, my mixed race relatives are angry about Bailey, and the Asian community now knows that if their children are routinely victimized, the authorities will make sure their children are “reeducated” so they don’t anger their fellow students.

Lots of anger out there, and not just in the black community.

With the pressures of high unemployment, now is not the right time to stir the pot to demonize those who work hard and play by the rules, even if it energizes the Democratic “base” to support that party in the next election.

The good news for the Democrats is that the Republicans are so disorganized that they won’t benefit from the unrest.



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