Bones of the Dead
by Elle Newmark

This sort of novel is a pain to review. Not because its bad at all; in fact far from it, but from the standpoint that almost anything I tell you about the tale could ruin it for you.

It takes place in Venice during the time of the Borgias. Paranoia, intrigue, torture and cooking abound. Yes that is cooking and recipes of all sorts. The author of this novel has cooked up a wonderful mixture of all the right elements of a good novel. Thrown in for good measure are spices like lost books of the bible, alchemy and the quest for life everlasting.

Toss a street urchin who is in love with a nun into the mix and you can see where this heading. I read this book in one sitting as I sat in getting chemo to hopefully stave off any lingering elements of my colon cancer. The time just flew by as I enjoyed this book. It was the perfect antidote to where I was and what i was going through.

To say this is a good book is an understatement. Its a wonderful piece of the writing art. But read it on a full stomach or you might just find yourself nibbling a bit too much.

Ms Newmark has provided a wonderful view of Venice in the 15th century. This is worth seeking out and enjoying in all its glory.

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