I have to admit that this story gave me pause for thought. CNN HLN host Nancy Grace is the one that brings us breaking news (usually dated) and specializes in the video and audio aspect. She does seem to have changed her mind now that she is on the receiving end of the system. Her fellow lawyers are screaming blue murder right now.

Nancy Grace has been implicated in the death of Melinda Duckett, this was the mother of the young child Trenton Duckett who disapeared in 2006 at the age of two.

It is claimed that Nancy Grace was a contributing reason that mother Melinda Duckett committed suicide following an appearance on the Nancy Grace show.

Nancy Grace is scheduled for a deposition later this week and apparently has her claws and fangs out, she does not want it videotaped!

I think it is also a reasonable assumption that Trenton Duckett is unlikely to get any coverage on CNN or HLN.

The fact that Nancy Grace would make this move does not amaze me, but it does make me want to re-assess her aims.

According to a CBS Story the Legal Eagles supporting Nancy explained:

The attorneys say it’s necessary to protect Grace from embarrassment.

Embarrassment? What embarrassment? How could there be any embarrassment? Nancy was just reporting the news? Right?

This is a wrongful death suit that potentially has a big effect on the press. Did Nancy Grace cross the bounds of reporting? Did Nancy hound Melinda Duckett and cause of death?

Her manner is so abrasive with most people that she could clean burnt on pots at 50 yards. Maybe it is time that she, and her little enclave of friends found a way to report the news in a more acceptable way.

One friend of mine asked the question “Do you think Art Harris will be in Ocala to record it.”

More soon, more where we get more information.

Simon Barrett

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