Michelle Malkin has a link to this intriguing item: Bomb factory in Colombia professor’s home.

The professor’s area of expertise is the spread of infectious disease.

Umm…like maybe anthrax? The link brings up all sorts of questions.

But a Medline search shows that the lowly professor’s published works are mainly about interviewing HIV positive men about POV parties,  IV drug use in homeless boys, and the behavioral characteristics of high risk behavior that spreads HIV.

So the answer about any link is no. Interviewing people at gay hangouts or in treatment for IV drug abuse in China does not have anything to do with working with viruses.

A more intriguing link is the professor’s roommate:  Ivan Ivanoff, who has a history of drug use and hate crimes against Jews.

The NYTimes reports that Mr. Ivanov had been a suspect for a spree of vandalism against Jewish sites in NYCity, but a previous search of his apartment revealed “the most dangerous thing they found in the apartment was a paintball gun”.

So it is likely that the good doctor allowed this man to share his apartment, and was out of the country at the time doing epidemiology studies, and so was probably unaware of the man’s increasing paranoia (Probably drug related) and bomb making.

However, police are trying to contact the good doctor to find out what he knew.

Dang. There goes my conspiracy theory.

No relationship to Anthrax, and probably just an overworked guy ignorant of his roommate’s immoral proclivities.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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